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Jardine is a genuine adventurer. His 25,000 miles of trail experience just scratches the surface of his adventures. He was an accomplished rock climber for nearly 2 decades in the 1960′s and 1970′s. He pioneered some routes in Yosemite that were harder than had ever been climbed and invented some revolutionary pieces of climbing gear.

Jardine has also completed numerous sea kayak treks and Arctic expeditions with his wife, Jenny. I won’t get into all the epic journeys they have completed but you can find more about their ongoing series of adventures on his site

Ray has lead an inspiring life. He and his wife have completed five 2,000+ mile thru-hikes together. Ray has put in the hours on the trail & diligently refined his system of lightweight backpacking, which he refers to as “the Ray Way” and shares in his book Trail Life.

In this book, Jardine details his gear and approach to backpacking that he has engineered from the ground up over several decades. The first edition of this book was a pioneering impetus for many lightweight backpacking techniques that now are widely popular. Several times in the book, Jardine presented elegant solutions to problems I had struggled against in vain while on the trail.

This text provides superb coverage of backpacking that would benefit hikers of all experience levels. Jardine invites all to awaken our senses and view long distance backpacking through the same refining eye he has used to developed the many techniques covered in the text. Trail Life is a highly inspiring read, which I recommend heartily.

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