Beauty Beneath The Dirt

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Genuine Information

If hiking the Appalachian Trail is a goal of yours, you need genuine information about what to expect while you are walking the trail. There are a number of mediums by which you can get this information:

Regardless of the medium, it’s important to get a real account and not a sanitized version of what long distance backpacking will be like.

Beauty Beneath the Dirt Trailer

Beauty Beneath the Dirt is the gritty account of 3 young people who hiked the AT in 2010. As you can tell from the trailer, this will be a much less romanticized version of the trail than you would see in something like the 50-minute National Geographic special on the Appalachian Trail.

I recommend Beauty Beneath the Dirt to aspiring thru-hikers, especially those who have never been backpacking. I found this documentary a beneficial early step enhancing my understanding of the physical and emotional trials of thru-hiking the AT. If it interests you, you can rent it on Amazon for something like $2.

Genuine information sources about long distance backpacking, such as sources like this documentary and the other alternatives from the list above, will provide more realism to your expectations on the trail. This will help reduce the disconnect between your expectations for hiking the AT and what you will really find, which will help improve your chances of completing the trail.

Beauty Beneath the Dirt

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